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Simply put, Jewish Federation is our community’s centre for Jewish philanthropy. Thanks to your generosity, initiatives such as the Federation Annual Campaign and The Jewish Community Foundation fund much-needed programs and services that touch countless lives in our community.   How does it all work? Following is a summary of our planning, fundraising and allocation process. Planning Resources The needs of our community today are different from those of years past. That’s why our Federation Planning Council works closely with our partner agencies to identify current, emerging and new needs in our community. More... Developing Financial Resources This is where you come in. Jewish Federation and The Jewish Community Foundation work with donors to fund the programs and projects that address our community’s needs - today, tomorrow and down the road. These funds come from three major areas. First, our Annual Campaign maintains our community’s programs, services and organizations, and helps meet our community’s ever-increasing needs. Second, special giving opportunities generate support for new initiatives and pilot projects. Third, The Jewish Community Foundation provides a stable source of financial support through planned giving opportunities. The Foundation’s unrestricted grant program addresses new and emerging community needs, and the endowment program provides a reliable stream of funding for core community programs and organizations. Allocating Funds  How do we allocate funds to programs, services and organizations once they’ve been raised? That depends on where the funds come from. The following outlines the process that determines which gifts fund which initiatives. Read about the allocations process here. Annual Campaign Funds from the Federation Annual Campaign that are directed to local agency partners are distributed through an allocations process led by the Allocations Planning Committee (APC). Comprised of a cross-section of community members, the APC makes recommendations to the Jewish Federation board based on community needs, agency capacity and financial sustainability. Recommendations for Israel and Overseas allocations are prepared by our Israel and Overseas Affairs Committee and distributed to programs and services offered by our partner agencies in Israel and other countries. You’ll find more on our work in Israel and overseas in our Report to DonorsMore... Special Giving Opportunities Funds generated from special giving opportunities are distributed directly to projects donors wish to support. As our community grows, new programs and services are designed to address its emerging needs, and these initiatives need help getting off the ground and proving their potential before receiving ongoing funding. More... Endowment Funds Like special giving opportunities, endowment funds are distributed to programs, services and organizations as directed by the donor – or in this case, the fund holder. If you would like to create a lasting legacy through an endowment fund at The Jewish Community Foundation, you’ll findmore information here. Unrestricted Grant Program Twice a year, grants are reviewed by The Jewish Community Foundation's Distribution Committee and awarded based on an evaluation of creativity, need and community priority. Community agencies involved in innovative start-up projects are invited to submit applications to our unrestricted grant program.

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March 19, 2019