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About Divinius

Divinius is a new digitally native luxury fashion brand with a meaningful purpose. Our foundation is to be one of the world's most socially conscious fashion brands that is ethical, sustainable, and transparent from start to finish. Every Divinius fashion creation is a timeless classic limited piece that invokes among our Goddesses that wear them confidence and beauty while feeling empowered because 10% of net profits go toward global women-centric charities impacting women’s rights, education, health, and social issues. Since we are a digitally native fashion e-commerce startup, we will primarily focus on digital marketing and media distribution to grow and impact female fashion and women’s lives around the world. Watch our pre-launch video here: https://promo.com/share/5c46768c8dad8e50a118daf0 Our Mission The current fashion industry is exploiting women and girls with forced labor (modern day slavery) and unsafe working conditions. Everything about the fashion industry from it’s supply chain to consumer consumption to slaughtering of animals for raw materials is broken & unsustainable - Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq0--DfC2Xk If fashion companies continue to operate the same way it will drive us into unrecoverable & devastating conditions for our planet and we the people that live in it with fashion being the 2nd biggest pollutant. We want to be the catalyst for change by being ethical, sustainable, and transparent with our luxury fashion while also impacting women’s health, education, social, and rights along the way. Every Divinius Goddess that wears our fashion pieces will be invoked with confidence, success, beauty and opportunity while impacting other women to do the same. ***We are looking to build a startup team of talented, hard-working, and resourceful individuals that have experience and are ready to wear many hats within their role since we are a startup that will provide amazing personal growth potential and opportunity for short/long term growth.

Why Work At Divinius?

This is an exciting opportunity for you if you want to launch/transition your career and grow with the new social conscious luxury fashion brand with a roadmap for success.
As a startup, you’ll see the rise and bumps along the way and be able to have a meaningful contribution with your ideas, actions, and words impacting the dark fashion industry while empowering women with confidence, success, and opportunity.
These are our core values...
  • Ethical, Sustainable, Transparent
  • Women Empowerment
  • Purpose & Meaningful Impact
  • Timeless Creativity & Innovation
  • Self Actualization
If you’ve always wanted have a meaningful impact through the work you do with a brand that’s core ethos you can embrace and spread the mission changing the fashion industry while empowering women, then this is for you. We are looking for ONE individual to join us today.

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May 20, 2019