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Big things are happening at ACL and our global marketing team is at the epicenter. We’re shifting towards taking a content-centric approach to our marketing—so we need the right Senior Copywriter to help us get there.

On the surface, being a Senior Copywriter for an enterprise software company like ACL may not seem all that intriguing. The governance, risk and compliance industry seems irrelevant to your daily life, so why work here? It’ll take a bit to explain, but trust us, it’s worth it. Here are a few good reasons…

Young At Heart

We’re a 30-year-old company that moves like a startup. It’s the best of both worlds. We have huge customers (90% of the Fortune 500), impressive revenues, and are not worrying about our next funding round. At the same time, we’re busting into new markets and disrupting an entire industry, so things are always interesting around here. Interesting in a good way.


We Are Change

Disrupting an entire industry means driving change internally. Breaking into new markets depends on flawlessly executing our market strategy (yes we have one–it is super tight and data-driven–like our solution) by arming the frontlines with everything you need to win. A shared vision binds teams together, creating a cohesiveness that is unique. We are all contributing to this disruption and are having a blast doing it.


We Are Making the World a Better Place

We work with some of the largest brands in the world and we are helping them to make our world a safer, happier, and more ethical place. Our software has helped a federal agency track down missing children, help companies avoid vendors that use child labour, and even help banks find patterns that point toward terrorists, drug dealers or other criminals. Talk about having an impact!


We Have High Standards

We all set high standards for ourselves, wanting to be the best we can possibly be. This extends to wanting to be the best for our customers and for each other. We all rise up to the challenge to be our best and live up to these standards. We celebrate our successes, and see opportunity in our mistakes.  Quite simply, we want the best.

You are:

  • A life-long learner. You become a subject matter expert no matter your role, or how complex the topic.
  • Driven by metrics. You’re able to pull, review, and make decisions on content data.
  • A highly-meticulous writer and editor (obviously).
  • Always asking “Why?” “What’s the purpose?” “Who’s the audience?”
  • A total grammar nerd. You can spot a typo or deviation from the style guide at 100 paces.
  • Able to take very complex ideas and make them into fun-to-read, interesting pieces of content.
  • A student of SEO, including internal and external linking strategies.
  • A pro researcher. If you can’t find it on the internet, that means it doesn’t exist.
  • An expert on mapping content to the buyer and customer journey.
  • Able to go with the flow. Change doesn’t faze you.
  • A lover of documenting all the things.
  • A doer. You’re no stranger to putting up your hand. If you see something that needs to be done, you just do it.
  • A collaborator. You love working with many different people and have no problem with standing up and going to have a conversation to get the answers you need.
  • Funny. A sense of humour is non-negotiable.

Bonus points if you have experience (and interest in) running B2B social media accounts, public relations, or an understanding of the audit, risk, or compliance space. Super bonus points if you have a friendly, fluffy dog that you bring to the office.

The perfect candidate will have:

  • 5+ years’ of experience in a marketing communications and/or copywriting role.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or a Diploma from a digital media/marketing or business writing program.
  • 2+ years’ experience with WordPress and SEO.
  • Understanding of the buyer and customer journey.
  • Experience writing content for a B2B tech company.

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