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The ACL impact

Our software has been used by a national agency to help track down missing children, by banks to find suspicious patterns in their data, and by a state agency to identify money laundering fronts for a drug cartel. ACL has been at the heart of investigations that have helped save millions of dollars of fraud, waste and even saved lives… yeah, we’re kind of a big deal.

With the help of ACL’s software, our customers are able to gather insights from their data to support their corporate governance and business objectives. This industry is undergoing a transformation and ACL has a plan for the next 5-10 years to lead the way with our products (those plans have recently been accelerated by our first ever outside investment).


Our UX team

Somewhat unique in the software world, our UX team is a mix of designers and developers; all focused on delivering a world-class user experience. We’re all striving to make the best products we can and push each other to become better designers and developers every day. Collaboration and peer review are essential to our success, so we’re looking for a designer who thrives in a team environment

We have a growing product team (Software Engineers, Software Engineers in Test, Product Managers, UX Designers, and UX Developers) of about 100. Our UX Team is 14 people strong, which means we’ve earned the support and respect of the rest of the company but each person still has an enormous impact in the final product. We work in small teams that consist of a product manager, a UX designer, a UX developer, ~6 engineers, and 2 QA. These teams work quickly on releasing new features and functionality on a weekly basis.

Our UX Team manages the Starling Design System (in beta), a hub for design guidelines, reusable UI components and more. It’s becoming an integral part of the way we build software at ACL; you’d help further that mission.

Build is the portal into our design and development teams at ACL. Poke around to get a peek into what we’re up to.


What we’re looking for

First and foremost, we’re looking for a designer that brings a problem-solving mentality and collaboration experience. We work in a complex domain, so obvious solutions are few and far between. We can’t rely on personal experience to guide us. It requires a certain level of curiosity and initiative to understand and create success. We want people that are hungry to solve tough problems, engage with experts in the domain, and collaboratively design user-focused solutions.

As a team, we design and build with a system mindset. This means we place a high value on delivering a consistent user experience across our platform. Working this way enables a designer to focus on solving the user workflow problems and lean on our continually evolving and improving design system to solve the smaller, more tactical, concerns.

Examples of the types of problems we’re presented with:

  • “What is the most intuitive way for users to create a new business process analysis and schedule it to run on the last day of every quarter?”
  • “How can we reveal the most valuable information to a user with a manager role while retaining a quality user experience for an individual contributor user?”
  • “At what point does a user need to understand the formula being used to calculate whether the processes they have in place are enough to give them confidence that an earthquake near a manufacturing facility will not put them out of business?”

Utilizing best practices in Design Thinking and core elements of the Design Sprint process, you will partner with Product Managers, other UX designers, UX developers, and engineers to bring designs to life. Bonus points if you have experience facilitating Design Sprints, but that’s not a requirement. The focus of this role is to ensure our product platform is intuitive, elegant, and speaks directly to the needs of our audience. We’re continually evolving the way we do that.

If what we’ve described sounds appealing and the qualifications below seem reasonable to you, please reach out. We hope you’re our next great partner to help build software that actually makes a difference in the world.

Qualifications, Experience, and Abilities:

  • Mid to senior level designer with experience delivering user interfaces from low fidelity concepts through to high fidelity mocks or prototypes
  • Experience collaborating with product people, other designers, and developers to bring a solution to life
  • An understanding of the costs, risks, trade-offs of a design decision (in terms of development effort required, platform consistency, and reusability)
  • Comfortable giving and receiving feedback
  • Curiosity to understand new domains and products (ours can be intimidating, but worth it)
  • A belief that everyone has something to learn and that collaboration is a great way to expand your own understanding and deliver the best product

Are you ready to apply?

Go for it! Or, not sure if you are quite the right fit? Tell us why this opportunity has you excited in your application and maybe we can work something out. We are passionate people. Show us that you are too.

To apply for this job please visit www.acl.com.

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